Monday, September 24, 2012

Vintage Book Journal

I have such a love for old books. I have always loved collecting dusty old books that others would just toss in the trash. I always feel most of them still have a story to tell.

I saved this old encyclopedia and about 10 others from the recycle bin. Can you believe it??? I love it....Lucky for me, one of my duties at the library is teaching an occassional Adult Education class, and wow did this scream AE Class to me, haha. Don'tcha just love the cover. Now whereas I love to keep some books intact, some are just meant to disassemble. I have one friend who absolutely CANNOT take a book apart. I on the other hand, have absolutely no problem with it.

This book is not quite finished but I wanted to share something before I leave town for a few days. I will post the finished project next week and give you a look on the inside. I think you'll like what you see....Until then, enjoy the cover..



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Grandma's Heart

One of life's biggest blessings has got to be grandparenthood (is that a word, hahaha?). Our little Dylan was born 11-11-11 and has been a very unique person indeed. I didn't know it was possible to love someone so much and just be enthralled by his every breathe....He is a joy like no other.

Well, we are experiencing all the firsts and enjoying every minute just being his Grandma and Grandpa. On August 25, Dylan was baptized and of course his mom had to find the perfect outfit. I have to say, my daughter in law has a heart very much like my own. She loves vintage just as much as I do...She did find the most darling romper that was so 50's or so and then found shoes. We began talking about them and they would be a cinch to began my journey with the sewing machine, haha...

Each shoe would be just a little off, haha, and don't ask me how that is possible but above is what came to be his baptism was so much fun and of course I had to personalize them for Dylan. After all, these were going in with his outfit to hopefully be used again by future generations.

I used printable sticky back canvas and they stuck very well...

I always want him to know first and foremost that he is loved and that his life should be grounded in Him. It is Jims and my desire that He will come to love the Lord in just this way.

This is not my usual type of craft, but i'm finding a love in the sewing machine I didn't know I had...I've made rompers and i'll try to post one sometime soon..I have a really cute one in the works.

Enjoy! Blessings to you,


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ooo Lala!!!

Long time no see!!! Life does have a way of taking us in different directions!!! The only major crafting I've been doing lately has either been for work or for my grandson, Dylan. We have an Adult Education class at our local library where I not only work, but get to teach classes as well. I love it!!! At any rate, this is a class I taught a couple of months ago and mine is on the far right...i forgot my glass knob for the top, but used a mini Christmas ornament for the top, which turned out ok but I'm still gonna change it out, hahaha... This was such a fun class and the only reason there are only 3, is because the other girls were still stuffing their forms.... This is not by any means my design, but just knew it would be a fun class and something pretty to go in my playroom!!!...You can find all the directions here and be sure and watch the video, it will give you step by step instructions and makes putting on the side pieces so very easy... I hope you enjoyed taking a peek and give this one a try...It would make a beautiful gift for a birthday or even Christmas! Blessings, Sandi

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Spring is here and I'm ready to spring into many new things. Life has been busy and I've gotten side-tracked for quite a while now, but I am ready to start sharing a bit of the creatin i've been wanting to do....

I started a wreath well over a year ago, haha, ok, got the blocks stamped, haha....I need to finish my assembling and it'll be ready to show-off.....hope to see you all tomorrow night as I try to jumpstart my blog once again....i'll be changing things up a bit here and there, and my crafts will probably be all over the place, haha, sorta like me.....

Well, I am off to sleep and hope to see you all tomorrow night...


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tim Holtz Configuration Box

I started this box at a class I did at Craft Crossing in Gonzales a couple months ago. I love shadow box things.

I had temporarily misplaced my "goodies" but finally found them and was able to get it finished this past week. I have another in the works for my bedroom and it will be more shabby chicy (is that a word?) and I am hoping to finish by tomorrow, but you all know how tomorrow can turn into a month or two for me, haha....

I'm sorry the pic isn't the greatest but with the clear sheet on the front of the box, it was hard for me not to have shadows so it is what it is and I hope you enjoy looking. All my goodies are pieces my son and husband collected for me when we lived in Europe. I love brass (ok, used to, haha) and I have a passion for anything delft.

These boxes are the neatest things and now TH comes out with one that is like a printers box...i have special plans for that one for my playroom...enjoy and I hope to see you soon...I have my craftin bug back!!!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Drawer full of Keys!

We've all got em, some of us more than others. My sweet Jim cannot throw a key away, he just can't. I am sure we have the key to our first home, the skeleton key from our home in Belgium, and about every key to any lock made, hahaha....I came across a really neat site sometime ago and decided I needed a few of these for the journals I like to make and give away and to go on the endless collection of antique books I am so fond of. Craftygoodies has the site bookmarked, somehow I've messed something up and can't get the http....I know you'll love her site, so take a hop on over..

I am in awe of jewelry makers and I am determined to take a class as I am sure there is an easier way of me getting those jump rings on, was quite the site....i have lots of blings and things laying on my desk to complete but until then, here are just a few of what I've done so far....mine are a little shabby chicy (is that a word?) since thats what I like....Connie over at decided we'd both post ours tonight so you could get a look a several different styles...I haven't see hers yet but I am headed over there once I post.....

Please excuse the low quality pics...I got in late this evening and just took so the quality is nothing to phone home any rate I hope you enjoy, get a little inspiration and leave a note if you'd would you decorate these???? I am really interested, I only have 2,427 more keys to go,,,hahaha....

I am redoing my site so if the colors don't match, don't worry they will, haha...Enjoy! Sandi
Thanks for dropping by!