Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here's what I've been up to lately..

I almost forgot the piece de resistance'..hahaha....our sweetie, Jayden De La Rosa!!

(oops forgot to add the pencil to the bigger memo board)
Ok, so I've entered a couple of challenges lately and the one with Jay is no surprise that it one..I mean, look at him, isn't he just the could he not win!!! hahaha!!!! Jayden's daddy is a pro boxer and he is following into his Daddy's footsteps it appears. Anyway, enjoy looking...

Now the memory board has a little story to it....the board on the right, was what we made at the CKC....I knew I could take it to another level and so here it is....I used a clipboard, which Connie so graciously had one to give me,(oh and these can be gotten at Walmart for less than a dollar). I used modgey podge and SU paper, which I just love....add the accessories and wahla!!! A nice gift ..oh yes, instead of using cardboard to cover the memory board, we used foam I"m wishing I had put a pic in there..oh well, here it is...and for the 3rd and final item, Auntie Em , over at the ACBailey board linked a site with this darling concentration game--so vintage which I just love..

Come back soon, I have projects I'm working on laying on the table in the playroom...

Adios, Sandi

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cardsister said...

I agree, you did take the memo board to a new level-it looks great! Beautiful clipboard, love the paper!
BTW-Where is Jayden?