Monday, October 20, 2008


Yes, and it was fabulous. Beautiful city, beautiful day and what beautiful girls..No really, havn't you seen us???? haha Anyway, what do you get when you have 5 girls, lots of cash, a car filled with gas, a big city, & a stamping expo left to their disposal? Very happy women. bwahahaha!!! Not so sure how the husbands felt afterwards but did we enjoy their money!! Afterall, whats theirs is ours and whats ours is theirs. A big shout out to Randy, Denny & Jim ....haha!! Quite frankly, Jim is more than welcome to come sit at my playroom table and stamp with me. haha!!! Ah, actually he's a good sport. He even went to the ATM to get the cash for me...What a guy, he's enabled trained, he says!!! The expo was actually sort of small, but we had no trouble finding what we wanted to spend our money on. It was sizzix, nestabilites, spritz's, stamps and a few other things. Then it was off to JoAnne's (that was a bomb and quite frankly a waste of a walk) Hob/Lob (oh I love that 10 for $1 paper) and I had coupons for all, haha....then it was on to Big Lots. WHAT??????????No stamping supplies???? We sure left dust flying in that parking lot. It was time to head back to CASA DE BELMONT. Yeah, it was even still daylight. Cindy, Kelsey, & Kati went to ride the mule with Randy and enjoy the cool air and Con and I stayed behind and talked about them and played with our new stuff. It was great because we went through their bags and played with their stuff to.. Hey, you girls know how we are....Take it with you next time. Anyway, it was a great weekend....Thanks Randy & Connie!!! Your B & B is the best!!!! It was so good, we're all coming back next weekend.....Pictures next time, we forgot...Sorry everyone. Now off to clean house...........I know, cleaning will make me ugly, but the maid didn't come while I was gone. Have a fabulous day!!!


Jennie Harper said...

Looking forward to seeing pic's!

Connie said...

Hey it was fun and we're gonna do it again!!!!! In 4 days