Tuesday, October 14, 2008


You know the kind where your heart is pounding & your stomach is doing flip/flops? I recognized it about 11 p.m. last night. I had gone for more than 24 hours without internet access at home. It was horrible. I woke up to go to the bathroom and went into “my playroom” and just sat at the computer desk for about 5 minutes at 3 am just hoping by some miracle, the new computer would have gone live for me while I was sleeping. I had been dreaming of my computer saying “you’ve got mail”. Well, guess what? No mail for me, and no sign of life other than the sound of my heavy breathing from the anxiety I was feeling. Back to bed , only to toss & turn until 7 a.m. this morning.
I called Time Warner. Ma’am, you’ve been quarantined? I’ve been what? Apparently my computer caught a nasty bug, RR caught it and quarantined me from their security offices before I could invade anyone else. Geeze , that makes me feel a little self conscience. This quarantine should have been lifted already but for whatever reason ( I mean , I have a new computer people) I am still on the “shun list”. I am headed home at 9:30 tonight and will probably be on the phone for a couple of hours with tech support trying to reenter the internet world. I know this is no big deal for many of you, but I am thinking this is more than just a little internet obsession I have. I am realizing I may have a problem. To which I don’t care, I want my internet back and I want to be able to join all my internet friends in crafty fun. Anyway, I told you all of this, just to say that if you don’t “hear” me come online by 11 tonight, it will probably be another 24 hours. I know, its rough for me too, but try not to take it too hard, if I miss you too much, I’ll just call, just ask Connie!!….bwahahaha!!!! I don’t know about you, but I have challenges & projects to complete and somehow I just can’t go on, unless I stick to my routine which involves the internet. Who am I kidding, I do have a problem!! Anyway, that’s where I’ve been.
Also, just thought I’d share, who am I kidding????? Ok, brag! Cinny (of CardSister fame) and the fabulous Crafty Goodies (aka, Connie) and 2 of Cinny’s daughters will be headed to San Antonio this weekend for the Rubber Stamp & Scrapbook Expo. Can you say road trip? Yehawwww!!! 5 women, 1 expo, & cash…It spells trouble no matter how you slice it…… Pictures, yes, new goodies, yes, and a fun time for all. See you online when I go live again…..Hope you had a great day!!!!


Connie said...

Can't wait either!!!!

Alexandria said...

Oh, that's the worst!! My laptop died and I was out the internet for over 2 WEEKS!!! I got a new one three days ago and I think I'm finally good again!

Dodie said...

my name is laura and I have a problem 2. It is 4:02 pm and I have been trying since 10:am to get into my email. I enter my address and password only to be told my password is wrong. What am I? an idiot? I wrote all of this down when I opened the account. At that same time I opened another account to have as secondary, you know, in case I forget the password. So they're going to email me in the secondary account and when I go to that email, I'm told the password is wrong. What's wrong with this picture?