Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Amy

Who is Amy? She is the girl we've waited for our entire adult life. Amy is Steve, our son's fiancee' and what a doll!!!! She is 26 today (it is today but just very early) and we love her as if she were our own. Happy Birthday, Amy. We love you very much. I hope the man on the inside of that card makes you very happy. I am sorry he's so old and has funny glasses. I did the best I could, but all of them were old, so enjoy!!! We are so glad you are ours!Here is the card I made for her and I can't wait for Amy to see it. (She's an artist and her opinion is important). I of course had to add a few blings here and there cuz what's the whole point of having a girl if she doesn't get blings right?

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