Friday, August 8, 2008


It's finally here. After much waiting and anticipation, it's here. I am talking about the Fall/Winter catalog. After scooping it out just once and very fast my order is almost $300 and that doesn't include the new sizzix dies. I don't think I'll be able to sneak this stuff in this time. haha... I've given it a lot of thought and 2 scenarios keep going through my mind. I'll just come clean to Jim (don't laugh, he can take it)! To which he'll ask, "do you need it?" and of course my response, is "absolutely, it'll help me in my business." To which he'll smile and say "go ahead honey, get what you want". To which right away, I will have saved my order on the computer and run in and hit the "SEND" button. Now, if something goes wrong, I'll approach it from another angle. "Jim, you know that big gun that goes boom that you've been wanting? I thought we'd go pick it up on your next day off." He'll be so happy and I'll just smile, make him his favorite coffee, and say, hey want to see the stuff in my new cattie? He always is nice enough to give me the time and will look (though with a glaze in his eyes, but who cares???right???) and I'll say "there's a few things I'd like to get"...and because he's so happy to be getting a new friend that goes bang, he'll say, "ah, go ahead Sandi, treat yourself".....haha...Thats it, I've got it..I have no problems..haha...Have a great day and the book goes live on Monday.

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