Monday, August 11, 2008


What was this pic all about? I posted it quite a few days ago to show Connie some of the cards I had been working on. It was late, I was tired, and its all I could do. I never made it back!! Connie of course crabbed at me that if I'm going to have a blog then I have responsibilites to my public..bwahahahaha!!!! Well, let me just say right here, right now to my adoring public,that I will not always blog every day no matter what the Conmeister has to say.haha
I have really been enjoying playing in my craft room lately and the excitement has only grown since the new catalog came out. I have my order all ready to go. I will finally get it all ordered tomorrow. I only wish it wasn't going to take a week or so for the little brown man to show up on my doorstep with my order. I have been working on getting everything reorganized to make room for my new stash...Out with the old, in with the new. I hate to say what my first order out of the catalog is, so I won't, and I won't tell you that I already have my second order ready for Sept. either.haha!!! If you've not seen the new catalog, go take a look. It is fabulous. Check out the link
I have great news also so I'll share. I am going to be putting my cards in a nice shop that caters to a particular type of person, so lets see in the next few weeks to a month if you can figure out what kind. haha!! I am very excited and will be spending my weekend getting geared up and ready to go retail. Wow , that sounds cool. Also, Jim will be coming home this weekend with over 8000 coasters in 2 different sizes. He is such a good sport and picked them up from Jen, the girl who hosted the bulk buy in San Antonio . Jim tries very hard to be supportive of "my little hobby" (haha!) but he had a hard time saying you paid how much for cardboard? Thank goodness I could hear the smile in his voice (that was a smile in your tone, right?)Now, Jim, I just want to assure you, this is not just any cardboard, it is neat & specific cardboard. Just you wait and see!!! You would want me to have it, you would! Trust me..
Please come back next week to see what I find to do with stash. I have a couple of really neat ideas and I sure hope what is in my head comes out to looking like what is up there as well..haha..Have a great night!!

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