Sunday, August 24, 2008


Seriously girls, some of you have issues. Yes I am returning. I am been very, very busy these days so have been MIA on the blog scene. First, I've wanted to spend time with my favorite grand-nephews and believe me, if you saw them, you'd know why I'd rather be there than here. They are adorable and to them I am Daanda (apparently thats why Sandra sounds like to a child, haha). I need to ask if I can get a pic of them for the blog. Once upon a time, one of my nieces had issues with me posting a pic of Deven, since we all know you are axe murders or kidnappers out there and want nothing more than to find out when I have them and take them away. haha!! Anyway, I am back.
I had planned to make some altered books this weekend with my new coasters? But Jim had to work today and stayed in Kingsville for the weekend. He'll be home tonight with my 800 + coasters...yeah!!!! So those projects will be for Friday. He leaves in the morning for 4 days of military duty in San Antonio. I will miss him but I can be found crafting in the playroom until he gets home Thursday.

Now about my abscensce. Nice to know I am missed, but really girls, I was on the phone with you, all week and weekend long so I didn't totally forget you. What was I doing??? Check out the picture. I placed my large order, I mean order, from the new SU catalog (uhmmm, no need to know the damage I did, remember,Jim reads here) and there were a few things I needed for the Big Shot before all my new goodies got here. I have also wanted to try the paper texture plates for the Big Shot and since I don't shop much, I decided to treat myself to those also. I keep telling myself that Jim would want me to have them. Right? Also, Hob/Lob got the Nestabilites. You have no idea what I went through to not only find them there but to purchase them. But, no worry, I prevailed. I bought 4 sets, yes 4. They are $24.99 ea but I snagged them with that 40 off coupon on each set. Yeah!!!!! I am hoping they get new sets in next week. I want them all. Dontcha just love the Vintage set? Its one of my favs!! So now you know what I am going to be doing today between all the house cleaning. I figure I will work 15 minutes and play 2 hours and I should be able to accomplish something. Anyway, I have to straighten up the playroom before I even get started today. I will post a little piece of my playroom when I am done. Have a great day!!

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mumtomanyuk said...

Just got my big shot. I already have loads of nesties but here in the uk we have to pay high prices and unfortunately we do not have anywhere giving us 40% off coupons you are so lucky in the US.Just found your blog and love the things you make