Monday, September 24, 2012

Vintage Book Journal

I have such a love for old books. I have always loved collecting dusty old books that others would just toss in the trash. I always feel most of them still have a story to tell.

I saved this old encyclopedia and about 10 others from the recycle bin. Can you believe it??? I love it....Lucky for me, one of my duties at the library is teaching an occassional Adult Education class, and wow did this scream AE Class to me, haha. Don'tcha just love the cover. Now whereas I love to keep some books intact, some are just meant to disassemble. I have one friend who absolutely CANNOT take a book apart. I on the other hand, have absolutely no problem with it.

This book is not quite finished but I wanted to share something before I leave town for a few days. I will post the finished project next week and give you a look on the inside. I think you'll like what you see....Until then, enjoy the cover..