Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am getting ready to start blogging again, yeah yeah, I know I've been here many times before, haha...only this time I mean it!!!

After a long hiatus (and may I just say, my room runneth over) I MUST now play, if for no other reason than to use my stuff up....

I took a class last weekend at Memory Gardens in Pharr, for those of you who haven't been, its a must!!) and learned to use Copic markers. Yes, I know, I said I'd never buy into that, but after playing with the markers for a couple of hours let me say, oh my!!!! They are FABULOUS!

Jim took me to Hob/Lob last night and i picked up a couple more. This is going to be a habit, I tell any rate, I have got to keep up with what I buy. I came across this site,, and not only is this gal talented, she has the greatest download (did i mention FREE???) for a mini book.YEA!!!! I shared this with a couple of my partners in crime and challenged them to get organized from the beginning of this new journey. I handed out rectangle coasters to them all a few months ago, to which they are all still wondering, "what does she want me to do with them," haha...well, now girls they have a purpose. I am off to get my covers done before i head into work this afternoon. Check back around Friday and I'll have my mini book posted...Thanks for coming by and I hope to see you often.



Connie said...

glad your back!!

Yolanda Garza said...

I'm happy you decided to start blogging again. I can't wait to see all of your upcoming posts.

Anonymous said...

I notice you didn't mention which Friday!