Friday, February 12, 2010

Let's give this another try!

When I first started my blogs I loved it. I still love having a space to share my love of crafts but I have just not been able to get it together. So let's give this another try, haha..

There had been lots going on in my playroom. I have been purging like crazy lately and found I am enjoying my room so much better. I am giving up my need to "have it all" and just using what I have. Jim is right, I'm a collector, haha!!! There are a couple of girls who are reaping the benefits of those purges and I hope they enjoy their new goodies. Jim and I are moving my oak cupboard into the playroom this evening to give me a little more storage space. The truth is, I had way too much stuff for my room (but don't we all), haha!!!

I have to get caught up on a few things I've been working on. The first thing I did is a recipe card exchange I am doing with some girls on a scrapbooking site. I have my cover for the scripture challenge almost done and i'll post that within the next day or two with my first page to go into it.

Again, I hope you enjoy looking around, leave a comment or two and come back often.

Have a blessed day! Sandi


Trish D said...

Very cute page - but I'm not sure that can truthfully be referred to as a salad ;) Can't wait to see more soon!!

cardsister said...

Yeah! You're back!!!

Lynnette said...

Sandi, I truly enjoyed making this page with you at your class! It has inspired me to make more with a sentimaental feeling behind it for our family reunion! xoxo

Christina said...

I gave you an honest scrap award! Come check out my blog!