Tuesday, May 19, 2009

slack•er (sl k r )

slack·er (sl k r )
1. One who shirks work or responsibility: "In terms of their outlook on the future, slackers regard tomorrow with a studied cynicism or . . . don't even conceive of one" Julie Caniglia.

Yeah, yeah , yeah this is me lately and who cares…you girls don’t scare me…hahaha

Ok, so I have a problem with lying..I mean I didn’t have this problem until I started receiving pressure from you guys….Yes, its true, I am a slacker. I have not maintained my blog to Connie’s standards (and talk about that pressure!!! Haha!!) and was really, really going to try by Sunday night to get some projects done and up…Well, Sunday came and went and honestly I just have not had to umph to get it done, ya know what I’m talkin about????…Now, I want to want to, but too much of life going on ya know?????
But I do need to get somethings done….but not till tomorrow…I have to see the boyz tonight, go and pressure my sil (um I mean encourage) to purchase some pampered chef tonight, and start alphabetizing my stamp sets in the playroom. Things are coming along, but, really, girlz, the pressure is killing me!!! Do YOU hear me?? YOU ARE KILLING ME!!! LOL….I mean I have a 40 hour a week job and I am a full time auntie and wife so give me a break, will ya??????? Haha….
Ok, here is what I am going to do…I have one project I have to get done just cuz its driving me crazy and a couple of graduation cards. These I have to do before I leave…and I will, PROMISE, to have them done and posted before I leave for our trip on Saturday..I will not get in the car and head out of town until I get them posted….And hopefully the one project I am wanting to do will be FABULOUS…..complete with tutorial, how’s that!!!!
I am going to see Con (hey Con) on Monday to play and I want to start on my bible verse challenges that we are all doing….which reminds me, Cindy, I need to sneak over to your blog and see what you’ve done on yours…..at any rate, I hope this will help..I know I got you all to blogging and I’m the slacker, but in my defense as I said, I work outside of my house and you girls get to play all day long, EXCEPT YOU KATI,,,, which is why I don’t BUG her, well, not that you are bugging me girls, but well, ok, you are..haha…love you all…see you soon…..I will email you and let you know when the blogs up…. And I have to get my other one updated as well…Be blessed today girls….


Connie said...

I'm so glad you addressed this problem in your life and you did it in public-so I bet your fixed now!!! LOL.

Cardsister said...

I've got my eyes on your blog girlfriend!!

Jennifer said...

Hey are you my long lost sister?!?!?!