Monday, March 23, 2009


I have had a hard time coming back into the blogging world. I think its because I've not been so creative lately. But to get myself back in gear in 2 different ways, I have challenged myself to join Patter's Scripture Challenge from I am going to start officially doing my layouts tomorrow evening. I don't have visions of grandeur or anything thinking I will actually finish a layout in one evening, but I hope to get caught up with the other girls by next week sometime...I have quite a few to do. I have picked out my scriptures and my album so I am almost ready to start. I am so excited about this challenge for several reasons. One it will keep me in His word and two it will allow me to create. I hope if you have some time to come "check it out" you will or hey, join in the fun. If you will follow the link you will find it on Patters blog. Well, I am off to bed to get ready for tomorrow, but I just had to come play on my blog for a minute tonight. I've missed it and my blogger friends. I hope to start seeing you all more often soon. Check back, I'll be here.

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Cardsister said...

Let's get some "cute stuff" on the blog for me to look at! Come on...I know you can do it...You've got a cutsie bling thing just waiting to get made and posted!!