Friday, December 26, 2008


Merry Christmas !!
Where have I been you ask? Well, not here, obviously and the playroom has gotten almost no use from me other than the computer. But who cares, its Christmas!!
I’ve been enjoying the holiday season and all that it entails. I hope to be back to crafting by this weekend..Its time to get the house in order and get ready for a new year. I have high hopes for 2009 and lots is changing which I will share later. I just wanted to share a little of how our Christmas started out yesterday.
There is no one else who captures our hearts lately quite like our grand-nephews. Check them out!!! Jim was Santa yesterday morning and I don’t know if it was more magical for me or for them. Either way, it was a wonderful day for us all. We spent it with family & that’s really what its all about. Just wanted to share a few pics of them. Grandpa (Kenny) refurbished a small dirt bike for his grandchildren. They are in awe of their Grandpa & Uncle Bubba’s bike’s so this was the best present of all. It was great not only seeing their faces when they saw what “Santa” brought them, but made my heart warm by watching Kenny enjoy those smiles & wow’s. haha!!! Priceless day, priceless memories. So without further ado, I bring you Deven & Jayden!! (oh, and that is Santa aka Uncle Jim)!!!!!


Connie said...

ah-that is great!!!

Connie said...

on a side note - it's about time you blogged. luv ya!!