Monday, November 17, 2008


I am going to share some of the best cookies you've ever eaten, with you, some of my online friends. My d-i-l to be and her Mom just opened their own wholesale cookie business. The cookie recipes are almost 80 years old and Amy's Mom has been the chief baker in her family's bakery business for many years. She recently opted to "open her own" business & to say these are fabulous is no exaggeration. they are irrestible!! I love to share goodies so I thought I'd throw out a challenge to you all. Just in time for Christmas!!! I will take the first 10 names to those who email me at and put Cookie challenge in the subject line. These are the rules:
a. Give me your favorite Christmas recipe on a 6 x 6 layout

b. Cards must be mailed to me on or by December 9. I will wait for the mail to be delivered until Dec. 15 so I can get them postmarked back to you by Dec. 16 or 17th.

c. You must include in the envelope $4 for shipping. If there is a difference in price, meaning I owe you money, I will include back to you, otherwise I'll just eat it.

d. The winner will be randonly chosen and posted on Dec. 17th on my website.

e. I will choose 2 winners and I will ship your Dulce Vida order directly to you or someone as a holiday gift within the continental U.S.

f. Oh yeah, to participate you must live within the continental U.S.

Ok, get ready to play....hope you all will join in. I love a challenge and this might cheer me up. I've home again with well, no need to tell you with what, haha, so this is what has been going on in my head. These cookies will be great to serve at a holiday party or as a gift!! (I forgot to mention, it will be 2 doz. 1 or the cinnamon, and one of the pwdered, and again, these are fabulous!!)
Have a great day!!!

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Jennifer said...

oh sounds yummy! Great Idea Sande!