Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Did someone say "HURRICANE PARTY"?

Hurricane Dolly caught us completely off guard. Not only did we come home from vacation with no idea we were about to be hit by her, but we turned right around and left and made no prepartions. Ok, so we made one decision, Steve would board up the house. I dropped Jim off in Kingsville for 4 days of work and I continued to vacation and do what I do best--PLAY....
Casa de Belmont here I come. I arrived at my good friend, Connie's (go ahead check it out, she will be giving us a tour of her scraproom next month with all her organizational hints , so stayed tuned) ( wave Connie) and as luck would have it, her niece, Kati was going to stay and play with us for the next 3 1/2 days as well. Trust me, she had no idea what she had committed herself to, haha!!!!! Let the party begin. Our cheerleader for the event was Toby. Here is Toby. There are many stories I can tell you about our little furry friend and how he did not make friends or influence people this weekend, but we'll save that for another time. But Toby is a great puppy and cute as can be......Say hi Toby.We wasted no time to tear open the stamp pads, rummage through paper, open every package of bling , and uncover crap, I mean scrap goodies that Connie probably didn't even know she had.haha...We did take time to shop, eat, and sleep, but the crop room was where we spent most of everyday. We challenged each other and came up with some fun stuff, or at least we thought it was all fabulous.Enjoy. CHALLENGE 1 CHALLENGE 2 & CHALLENGE and my partners in crime, Connie & Kati...thanks so much spending my vacation with me. It was great.

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