Friday, November 19, 2010

Tiles anyone???

Well I have finally gotten my tiles done. I wish the pics would do a little justice here. I am going to do them again and change it up abit as I am feeling it's a little off. I will save that for another day for when I post the coasters I am about to do. At any rate, I've had a ball in the playroom today.
My cast of characters:

6x6 tile (not the slick kind)
Pigment ink
Stamps (sorry gals ya just can't beat Stampin Up!)
UltraThick Embossing Enamel, this is the first time I've used it and I love it!
Kitchen Oven

Yes, I said the kitchen oven. I had contemplated getting a toaster oven for my playroom but Jim put his foot down. I, ummmm, have a bit of a problem with burning things and fire when it involves a stove, hahaha....He wants all MY cooking experiences to be done in the kitchen where there is an extinguisher, hahaha....ok, so I gave in this time but who knows, haha ;) If any of you gals want the directions just shoot me an email. I did see this on another site somewhere and if it's yours, just holler at me and I'd love to give you credit.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my day off with my hubby and am now moving on to the next project....Check back tomorrow sometime.......Oh yes, and 2 weeks from today, the girls and I are headed to Gonzales for the Winterfest Celebration at Craft Crossings...Hope to see some of you Central Txns promises to be a fun filled day from start to finish....and did I mention we are staying at the Casa????? hahahaha......yeah, yeah,,,,,,see ya tomorrow...Sandi


Helene said...

I haven't see anything like this before and love them.

Connie said...

Love it!!! Just perfect!!! I'll take a green one!!!! <3cm

Andrea said...

These are so nice! LOL about burning stuff!!

jimlynn said...

WOW! These are really pretty! Those will make a wonderful gift for someone - or maybe just keep them for yourself!

Anne Marie said...

These are just gorgeous! What a great gift idea. You had me laughing at your adventures in the kitchen, too! :)

Helene said...

So let me know if you ever got around to try out the recessed window technique you were looking at on my blog. Its so much fun :-)

cardsister said...

Beautiful! I need to know how to do this!! I love it!