Sunday, September 6, 2009

I did it!!!!

I am back in business in the playroom....I did a challenge over at the ACBailey board (to which I am spending way too much time on) and just wanted to share. I had so much fun. I am finally back in the mode to scrapbook and boy has it been a long, long time....I have another page I am going to work on tonight and hopefully get some cards done this week, as well. Oh and I have plans to get a memory board made using an antique frame I've had sittin around for like forever...
Anyway, I am making a few photo "cards" of the grand nieces and nephews to use on it. I only have one photo so far of the kids (way to go Krissy, who got me this fab pic of Daniella & Devin) but will get more of the rest of the bunch within the next few weeks...anyway, thanks for lookin and come back often!!!!


cardsister said...

Hey girl! Love the new look of the blog! Glad you are back in business.

Connie said...

me too-love the look of the blog!! and your stuff is to cute!!