Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Card Challenge Complete

These 2 are not part of the challenge, but I had so much fun, I just couldn't stop. Can you say ADDICTION? haha!!

Or at least on mine & Connie's part. I am posting ours and as soon as Jan brings in the rear and gets me a pic of hers I'll edit the post and add hers also. I really ended up enjoying this challenge. At first, I wished I had gone to the archives and chosen something where I wouldn't have too think much, but I figured whats the point of that. Thats why this is called a challenge, right? I didn't follow them exactly, but i got the idea. Also, made two extra cards not along the challenge lines but was on a roll last night. It was great, I stayed up until 2 a.m. At any point enjoy & I may be posting another one tomorrow from the archives, just because I am enjoying it and next week is waayyyyyyyy too far off. Anyone who wants to join in, please do. It'll be fun. I will have that challenge up tomorrow. And btw, I am getting my challenges from http://cardpositioningsystems.blogspot.com/ This is a terrific site. Go check it out!


Heidi said...

OH my, all of these cards are beautiful. I especially like the one in the single print, with the flowers in the fall colors. But all of them are wonderful- who would not love to get one of these!?

Connie said...

I see what you mean on the apple bucket-just stunning. really . great job. and the tag card-I love it. Love the detail.

Aunt T said...

Great cards. Very pretty. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I'll be back to visit you often too :)


croppixie said...

I love your cards. I love all the details.