Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I threw out a challenge to 2 friends because quite frankly I wasn't getting a whole lot done and neither was Cinny. (Sorry, Cinny, I've been keeping an eye on your blog!) Connie was whooping our b*#(s as far as layouts go. Way to go Con! Anyway, I am dong way to much surfing (and its not on the waves either) and way to little creating so this was more for me than anything. Cinny needs a few more days to get her box done, so my challenge will go through Wednesday night. The winner (I guess I am excluded, haha) will receive a much coveted stamp from my stamping supply. I love this one, but to get the ball rolling I am willing to part with it and I know the girls will love it. Anyway, I found the template for this box on someone's blog and as soon as I can locate whose it was, I will give credit. Now, as you see I have 2 sizes. How did I do that you ask? I am asking that myself. I followed the directions..haha... THis could only happen to me, but who cares, I now have 2 size boxes. I am dieting right now, so I don't have any goodies to put in them, but when I find someone to give them to, I will probably fill with M&M's or Jelly Belly's. Enjoy! Now off to work on my next project.

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