Saturday, September 13, 2008


Can't you just hear the music playing in the background? Wow, what a fun night. I spent Friday night doing crafties with co-workers from the library and I think it can be said, fun was had by all.

Let me introduce my fabulous new partners in crafty crime: L-R(said to the music of Alvin, Simon, Theodore, can't ya just hear it?): Aida, Lisa, LeAnn, Velma, Josie (our hostess with the mostest), & last by not least by any means, Sarah.
I never in my wildest dreams thought some of the girls sitting around these tables would ever go to a crafty night and even wilder was that they'd participate!! The only one whose eyes don't glaze over when I tell them about my latest crafty experience is Josie, a true crater for sure. She could literally figure out how to get the glue out of the horse.haha.
I loved Friday night, and all in all, so did they. I knew it could happen!! I knew if they could somehow take themselves back to Kinder(cuz lord knows, some of them act like it. Hey, you know who you are, don't make me call you out, bwahaha!), put a pair of scissors, some paper & glue in their hands, it would all come back to them. AND IT DID!! Here's a little of what went on. Aida is our smeller, I caught her more than once sniffing the Modge Podge.

Then there is Lisa who doesn't pay attention to what she is doing (and to think that she is in charge of paying the Library's bills, oh my! Did someone say AUDIT????, HAHA). She worked tirelessly on her frame all evening and was shocked to find that somehow the manufacturers of the frame company, put her display arch on the front. She tried to keep the truth from us all that she had worked all night on the back of the frame and not the front, but her laughter could not be contained and then after that it was all over. Neither could ours.hahaha..But to her credit, she did a fabulous job on the back of that frame, haha!
..KUDOS to you Lisa for trying and may I say that is the best decorated back of any frame I've ever seen. Now the only thing that really made these girls stand out as crafter virgins was 2 things. There was no chocolate (i.e. M&M's, now we all know there must be M&M's or chocolate of some sort) on the tables, & #2, they all had to break and eat after only an hour into the night which was less than a 4 hour night. haha!!! These girls are in for the surprise of their lives on crafter night #2. I will have to pull out all the stops for them.haha. We had a fabulous night from Kristopher's challenging all the ladies to his newest video game to the pornographic cheeto (don't make me go there,haha) that layed in Velmas plate. And we all know, it could only happen to Velma. haha... enjoy, and thanks for spending your evening with me ladies..Let's do it again real soon.

The girls and their finished projects. They are all great and unique. Thanks for sharing your home with us Josie.

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alohatammi said...

You all look like you
re having a great time. Wish I were there to play too. :)