Monday, September 15, 2008


Its been reported that I have been MIA....well, yes & no. I have had a sinus headache for over a week now and Sunday I just couldn't take it anymore. Out with my much coveted migrain medicine, the kind that knocks you down and out. I did wake up, thankfully late yesterday and
these are some projects I worked on in . Not a good mix cuz the creativity doesn't work so good. I love the projects, but they are missing bling & pazazz. I know less is sometimes better but certainly not in this case. I need to do some adding to when I get off of work tonight. So there will be a Part 2 to this ...AND AFTER, so come back and check it out and let me know what you think.
Also, go check out Connie & Cinny's blogs and see what they've up, you'll find their links posted on the right. Now Connie's blog is about a week old and Cinny's is brand spankin new and was a surprise to her. Between her daughter, sister and I, we fixed it all up for her including the bio and had her going by Saturday, what fun that was!!!
Now,the scarry part. We can have online playtime!! Is the world wide web ready for that yet? I doubt it. The 3 of us are spread out across the southern part of Texas but this will allow us to be together without really being together...make sense???? So girls, bring out the blings, and inks, and charms and lets get busy.
Don't forget to come back to see part 2 and see what else I've been up to. Have a fabulous day!


Connie said...

Nini1952These are Great!! Wish my SU girl would show how to do these.

Katie said...

The butterfly card is super cute! So creative!!!